D W Equis Bell Boot

  • $20.00

Protect your horse's hooves from overreaching injuries with d.w.equis Bell Boots a product of Diamond Wool Company.  Designed with a contoured shape for a superb fit that reduces spinning.  These bell boots feature a soft rolled upper collar for comfort and freedom of movement.  They help reduce the risk of injury from jumping, working in mud or other slick surfaces, schooling, running cross country, lunging, 24/7 turnout or competing.  Sold in pairs.

  • Anatomically designed contoured strike plate at the back of the bell boot adds comfort and minimizes turning
  • Super soft rolled upper collar eliminates irritation, pulled hairs or chafing, allowing for more freedom of movement
  • Made of an exclusive copolymer compound that is pliable, yet rip and tear resistant
  • Extensively field tested in various climates and ground conditions to assure quality, durability and performance
  • Secure fit woth two double-locking hook-and-loop closures
  • Easy maintenance--rinse and wipe clean
  • Includes a reusable lanyard
  • Made in the USA