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Safe for indoor or outdoor use. Simple-to-use free-standing stick traps and holds flies. Eliminates nuisance insects from the stall, barn, stable or home.

Can be used indoors or out, around food, kids and livestock. Does not contain poisonous insecticides.



Directions for Use:
1. Hang Fly Stik™ wherever flies are a problem, indoors or out. Choose an area on ceiling or exposed rafters out of reach of children and livestock.
2. Pull out hook on top of Fly Stik™ and hang. Save box for later disposal of product.
3. Replace Fly Stik™ when 80% or more of the exposed surface is covered with trapped insects. Avoid contact with trapped insects. Dispose of unit by placing in original box or appropriate garbage bag.
4. Surface of the trap is extremely sticky, but not poisonous.


Instructions For Removal Of Glue:
If on skin, clothing or inanimate objects, remove with waterless hand cleaner, then wash area with mild soap or detergent. If in hair, animal fur, or feathers use baby oil or mineral oil. Massage area with GENEROUS amount of oil then wash with warm water and bland soap or shampoo. Rinse well. This treatment may have to be repeated several times to assure complete removal.

This product is so extremely effective in holding flying insects, it is also capable of trapping small flying animals such as bats or hummingbirds that may accidentally fly into it.

Do not hang in locations where birds, bats, pets, or children may accidentally come in contact with glue.

24" stick