Shur Hoof Dress

  • $32.00

  • Ultra-thick and long-lasting hoof dressing
  • Improves hoof texture and elasticity
  • Old-time racehorse trainers' formula

FarnamTopical hoof dressing helps restore moisture to hard, dry and brittle hooves. Contains fish oil, pine tar, and other oils that penetrate deep into the hoof wall to help restore moisture and maintain pliability for stronger, more flexible hooves. Also helps enhance color, sheen, and texture of hooves. Choose 32 oz with convenient in-cap brush and or gallon refill. For horses.

Directions: Wash the horse's hoof thoroughly. Apply Shur Hoof Deep Penetrating Hoof Moisturizer with a brush and work well into the edge of the hair and frog. Use two or three times weekly. May be used more often if necessary.


More Information

Use a good hoof dressing daily around the coronet band, hoof wall, sole, and frog to help maintain proper moisture balance and encourage healthy growth.

If hoof quality is currently poor, apply dressing before exercising and bathing the horse, and again after cooling out. This will create a protective barrier against further sweat and water damage, since excess water can be harmful, particularly to cracked feet.


Active Ingredients:  
Fish Oil 50%
Pine Tar 40%
Inactive Ingredients:  
Linseed Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Neatsfoot Oil,
Povidone Iodine and Venice Turpentine.