Wintec Pro Stock CAIR

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The Wintec Pro Stock CAIR Australian Saddle is Wintec's most comfortable stock saddle yet, offering horse and rider exceptional security, balance and comfort on any adventure! The specialized design of stock saddles offers immediate contact for enhanced communication, as well as encouraging correct alignment and center of balance -- what more could you want in a saddle?

Key Features:

    • Ultra Grip EquiSeude™ Stock Seat 
    • High-Density Foam Inserts for Unrivaled Comfort
    • Durable, Comfortable and Weatherproof Materials
    • Poley Knee Pads High Set to Minimize Restriction
    • Long Billets for Premium Security
    • Exclusive CAIR® Air-Cushioned Panel System
    • Size Medium EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet Size Included
    • EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System for Versatility
    • Uniquely Positioned Stirrup Bar for Ergonomic Comfort
    • Lifetime Guarantee on Elastiflex™ Saddle Tree
    • Lightweight - Only 17 Pounds
  • Product Details

    Medium Large Extra-Large
    16-17" 17-18" 18-19"

    Wintec Design & Materials:

    Wintec saddles are constructed using radically unique synthetic materials like Equisuede and Equileather. Equisuede is a premium microfiber-based material boasting a comfortable softer-than-leather feel, shock absorption, and a no-slip grip, even when wet! When combined with moisture blocking and UV-resistant Equileather, these materials create the lowest maintenance saddle on the market!

    The unique high-set Poley Knee Pads offer stable security without restriction, while the ergonomically contoured flaps offer a pre-molded "ridden-in" shape for an immediate contoured fit. To further maximize comfort and support, the extra wide spinal chamber paired with the narrow waist provide a customized feel for both horse and rider.

    Wintec Elastiflex™ Tree & EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System:

    Please Note: EASY-CHANGE™ Gullets Sold Separately. This saddle comes with a medium gullet plate.

    Guaranteed for the lifetime of the saddle, the Wintec Elastiflex™ Tree is designed to provide flexible support through the length of the saddle, while possessing true lateral flexion to accommodate the horse’s muscles and movement.

    The EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet System offers a means of altering the width of the Elastiflex™ tree. The tree width is determined by the size of gullet plate fitted between the tree points. The gullet plate governs the width of the tree from the waist to the tree points. Genuine EASY-CHANGE™ Gullet Plates are engineered to be completely rigid, ensuring they cannot spread, or change shape under normal usage. Gullet plates are color coded by size and will remain true to their size throughout their life.

    Wintec CAIR® Cushion System:

    Finally, a panel system that understands the mechanics of the equine back and the impact saddles have on horse and rider performance! The revolutionary CAIR® Cushion System replaces the traditional fillings in your saddle panel with air. There are two independently sealed Air Cushions within each Saddle Panel. The concept of air, as the ultimate in cushioning for the horse is simple:

    Air being a fluid medium will constantly adapt to the horse’s working muscles. This means that your weight will be distributed evenly across the entire length of the cushion, virtually eliminating pressure points. This extraordinary comfort results in freer movement, better carriage and a happier horse. For such a simple concept, the dramatic difference the CAIR® Cushion System makes to a horse’s comfort and performance is profound.

    Research & Testing - The CAIR Panel System has undergone a rigorous testing program to ensure durability. CAIR air panels have been subjected to a series of tests equivalent to in excess of 10,000 hours riding time in the saddle. A 5-year warranty is offered on the CAIR Panel System.